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Events 2024


Ausstellung Offener Kulturtreff

Exhibition "Open" Cultural Meeting at Süßen Rathaus

Vernissage: March 1st, 2024

I have been a member of the "Open Cultural Meeting Göppingen" art association for several years now and am looking forward to this group exhibition featuring various artists from the region.

From abstract to landscape to sculpture, there's something for everyone. The vernissage will include a brief opening speech and live music. Everyone is welcome.

Heidenheimer Str. 30,

73079 Süßen

Exhibition in Hohenstaufen from Makasha

Night of culture in Hohenstaufen

July 20 th, 2024

Ausstellung Kulturnacht Hohenstaufen Makasha Visions

On July 23rd, 2022, the long cultural night took place in Hohenstaufen, where I had the opportunity to showcase my works as one of over 30 artists. The entire town was filled with art enthusiasts exploring various stations with creative installations. It was a great pleasure to have a space where I could present my art, and the atmosphere was one of interest and enthusiasm.

This year, once again, numerous artists and visitors will enliven the city with their creations. I am very excited to be part of it again and warmly invite all interested individuals to visit my exhibition space. The exact date will be announced soon.

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Ausstellung Kulturnacht Hohenstaufen Exhibition


Livepainting Event in Heilbronn
Makasha Visions Livepainting Commercialw
Banner for "Artscapes" Event in Stuttgart Fellbach
Lunaris Event Chapel 2024
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