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Today I present to you a new Painting, created by creative visionary women, which I had the honor to work on and finish:
„Cosmic Play“
Acrylic on wooden board
100 x 70 cm

Artists involved:
Jasmin Hila Art
Ana Hatha Arts
Florence Menard Cuapalitzli


I feel very happy today to share this painting with you. The first brushstrokes started at the Cosmic Convergence festival in Austria last year during the main DJ Set of Highlight Tribe. We had a wonderful time dancing and painting together spontaneously to the wild beat of the music. The festival brought the energy of electronic music and native tribe culture together and integrated a beautiful space for an art exhibition at the festival location. Florence from the Academy of Visionary Art, organized the exhibition and brought talented visionary artists together. It was a beautiful gathering and a rich experience. And so this painting to me is a mirror of the hearts and minds dancing and playing at the festival ground, rising and coming to life after years of Corona restrictions.

This painting is available for sale and I want to mention that if this painting finds a new home, I will be able to go to an art seminar this summer, that I have been dreaming of for a long time. The Summer Seminar of The Academy of Visionary Art @academyofvisionaryart at @ecovillaggiotorrisuperiore in Italy with amazing teachers Laurence Caruana, Florence Menard cuepaliztli and Stefan Lucas Allen Art

At this point I want to say a massive THANK YOU from my heart to the artist ladies of this collaboration for leaving their share to me. It means so much and I feel honored and happy to have been able to create with you. ❤️ Art is really a unifying element in the human world.

Cosmic Play - Original Painting

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