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Visionary art Gemälde "Transition" der Künstlerin Makasha Visions

Consciousness, to me, is an infinitely vast treasure map, and with each painting, I place a mark on the map.

Visionary art Gemälde "Circle of joy" der Künstlerin Makasha Visions

2021 Acrylic on canvas

Circle of joy

2019 Acrylic on canvas

Charcoal Drawing woman with feather hair and jewels

Wings of the rising Spring

Charcoal on Paper 2024

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Plant Deva

Plant Deva

Watercolour on Stonepaper 2024


Flourishing Mind

Acrylic on Gesso Panel 2024




Creative thriving in community

Discover the possibilities of growing within an artist community and finding support for your projects. Our community is here for all art enthusiasts and creators to regularly connect online via Zoom from the comfort of your own home studio.


This virtual space was created to bring artists together worldwide and collectively strengthen and encourage the culture of individual artistic expression. The project operates on a donation basis, and participation is free. We look forward to having you join us!

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