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High Quality Canvas Print, that is very close to the Original. Different sizes available. Carefully packed and shipped to countries in Europe.

With installed hanging system. Handsigned by the artist. 


About the Painting:

All life is carried by a loving force that flows through everything and arises from an incomprehensible eternal source. And we as humans have the opportunity to consciously experience all possible aspects of being. Be it silence, depth, emptiness or vibration, light, overflowing radiance. That is the richness of being. Indescribable, infinite in all directions and manifest mercilessly. We can let ourselves be washed away and apparently "lose" consciousness, or we can align ourselves, flow along and "allow" to be in our field of vision with loving acceptance. This picture wants to praise and honor all life and the mystical being in the eternal becoming and passing away.

Canvas Print "Unity" different Sizes

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