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I paint for you

Connecting to other humans in creativity and art is a profound experience and can be a powerful vessel for personal growth. One of the things I enjoy most in artmaking is to merge my mind with another mind and feel into what a human needs and wishes to see in his life right now. A painting that is made in that way can act as a mirror and a guide in your current life moment. So I invite you to get in touch and see what is lying there for us to explore and create together. 


Intuitive painting

If you have a certain question or something that is very present in your life right now, I do kind of channeled painting where I focus myself energetically and connect with you. The painting can serve as a reminder, a guide and sacred mirror. It will also change its apperance in your space with time the more you work with it and dive into its deeper meaning. 


Your Vision

You have a very clear Vision and picture in mind and you are looking for someone to bring it to life with a painting? I love this kind of service and collaboration. In the process of painting new perspectives come up for both, you and the painter so it is a shared journey to your inner Vision. 



Capturing the essence of a human soul is such a privilege and joy to do. If you want a portrait for yourself or a beloved one, I am trying to fulfill the essence of what I see in you or what you want to see in yourself. 

Make an inquiry

Write me an E-Mail or on Whatsapp. I am happy to connect with you.

+49 (0) 152 5341 9683

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