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Gaia Panagia - Mother of Mercy-

Original Painting

Acrylic on printed canvas

47 x 66 cm


This painting is a collaboration between the artist Ashley Christudason and Makasha Visions.


Artist's comment by Makasha Visions:

"Look into your heart. Can you feel the strength? Can you see how infinite you are? Your life is a miracle, and you are the main character in it. You are given the most precious gift: consciousness. Use this power and explore life. Go beyond all beliefs and patterns in your life that hinder you from loving. Simply love fearlessly. It's the answer to every question. Stop doubting. Look into your eyes in the mirror. You have everything you need; you are everything you need. Now sit down and see. Just observe, just listen. All your senses are open. Now, energy can flow freely through your body, your life, and your thoughts. Stay in this mindset. Remind yourself every day, every moment! Keep coming back to it. Don't drift away. Stay here. You are the most wonderful creation that creates this world. The world will show it to you if you trust. I am always here for you."


Artist's comment by Ashley Christudason: I grew up within the confines of a patriarchal religion, Christianity. The role of the feminine was always downplayed. Throughout my life, I have seen how powerful women can be and how much they can accomplish. Above all, I have experienced how the church and other institutions sought to silence and restrict the power of the feminine. This inspired me to create the work and title it 'Heretic' - the one who speaks out and challenges the flow and the status quo. The roles of my mother and grandmother showed me from a young age the strength within the feminine.

Gaia - Mother of Mercy- Original Painting

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